In now days, Virtual Private Network is not just a computer thing that applies to businesses. It is actually an essential method of implementing security in individuals and consumers' daily online activities. VPN connection give users their computers or smartphones a new IP address dedicated to a specific country. If you’re living in Asia or Africa and might be trying to watch favorite America or British videos, this Free VPN Service is here for you.

Location VPN Server Protocol Username Password
US - Illinois - Chicago PPTP 1711
CA - Montreal - Quebec PPTP 3322
UK - England - London L2TP 1327
NL - N. Brabant - Eindhoven L2TP 1116
DE - Hessen - Frankfurt L2TP 1505
US - New York - Manhattan L2TP 2940
CA - Ontario - North York L2TP 2134

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;L2TP Preshared Key for Free VPN Network

VPN services listed above are the answer to your request. VPN is the best way to bypass that and can provide a country specific IP address to the subscriber. Because IP address can be used to trace from which geographical location an internet user is currently accessing their websites, this is the method how USA and UK television shows or those that are featured in Hulu cannot be accessed from other countries outside the United States and United Kingdom. Websites can also filter its content to only be viewable to internet users from a specific geographical area. Hence, some users opt to use VPN and assign their internet connection with a country specific IP address.

More than that, another essential feature that virtual private networks can offer to individual users is its ability to cloak your internet activities. So why do you need to implement anonymity when surfing the internet? The answer to this is pretty simple; it’s to protect your privacy and data from hackers and malicious intruders that are monitoring internet traffic and usage.

For those who have been using VPNs in navigating to certain websites, it is ideally a good practice. Nevertheless, choose a VPN service provider like Service that is reliable and trusted -  we are the only one offering extremely high performance, free and pure organic VPN accounts to internet. 

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